Our MISSION is directly linked with customer satisfaction through our manufacturing capabilities and reliability in delivering on time.

“We are committed to producing Chemical Entities (Drugs, Intermediates, Specialty Chemicals) for satisfying customers’ needs of quality, dependability, reliability with best processes and emphasis on Environment, Employees and Cost Effectiveness”

Customer Focus

O ur investment in quality and human resource has always been in alignment with the vision of the organisation. Our growth is directly linked with customer’s satisfaction through our manufacturing capabilities and our reliability in delivering on time. We have received several pats of appreciation on our back from our esteemed customers. We proudly claim to have a sizeable repeat business and many CDA’s in force for the past few years. Capability, Reliability and Timely delivery have been the three parameters to focus on the customer’s satisfaction.

The 10 point program conforming our Mission statement

  • Thriving to adopt the best technology
  • Upgradation of Instrumentation
  • Continuous Improvement in process
  • Strict Process Control
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Steady Growth
  • Exploring New Markets
  • Expanding the product list
  • Nurturing in-house talent and updating in-house skills
  • Reliable sources of raw materials