Functional Chemicals (Joint Development Activities with Partners)
• Optical information Storage
• Florescent Compounds
• Monomers  

Carbohydrate Chemistry
• Nucleic Acids Chemistry and its related reagents
• Glucose Derivatives

Acid / Sulfur Chemistry
(Efficient handling on production scale with multistage scrubber and ETP)
• POCI3 / PCI3 / PCI5 Reaction  
• Bromination  
• Preparation of Acid Chlorides using thionyl chloride
• Preparation of Organic Mono/Di Sulfides

Specialised Reaction
• Phase Transfer Catalysed Reaction  
• Gas-liquid reactions (e.g. Methylamine)
• Ion Exchange Resin Catalysed  

Column Chromatography
• Handling in pilot plant scale and production plant scale
• High value - low volume production  
• Solvent Recovery Systems  
• Instrumentation support for characterisation

Natural Product Chemistry
• Extraction  
• Isolation

Core High Volume Capabilities (Multi 100 T capabilities)

  • High Pressure Reaction upto 640 psi  
  • Ammonolysis (using Ammonia gas tonners)
  • Hydrogenation
  • Low melting solids handling capability
  • Phenol/Cresol/Xylenol based reactions with bulk storage and handling of materials
  • Diazotization and other functional groups introduction
  • Dehydration of amides to form Nitriles
  • Acid chloride formation using SOCl2  / POCl3

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